Coasteering in Jersey

Jersey has some fantastic coasteering routes and Absolute Adventures is recognised as the leading provider of coasteering sessions on the Island.  Amongst our favourite areas are the Octopus Pool at Greve de Lecq and Beauport and Gorselands on the south coast.
The season might have finished but we have been out exploring Jersey’s coastline, researching potential new sites, which will appeal to both our new and our regular clients next year.
The first location was a large rock pool, rather like the very popular Octopus Pool, but in an area very few people know about and even fewer visit.  The second location will appeal to those people who enjoy the challenge of exploring the coast whilst experiencing some of its history, under the cliffs of the north west corner of Jersey.  We look forward to introducing these exciting new areas to our many clients in the summer of 2017. 

Descending the cliffs on the north coast.

Descending the cliffs on the north coast.

We took a quick swim in the pool. A perfect for place exploring.

We took a quick swim in the pool. A perfect place for exploring in warm weather.

Close to the German guns under the cliffs at Les Landes.  Pieces of history under the cliffs.

Traversing across the rocks towards the German Guns, which are a very surprising find.  There are so many of them, providing a tangible link to the Occupation.