North West Coasteering

Although St Brelade’s provides some superb coasteering during the quieter months of the year some of the staff enjoy getting out and exploring some different sections of Jersey’s coastline.  The other day in perfect winter sunshine and a complete lack of winter swell from the North Atlantic we explored the section of coast between L’Etacq and Grosnez.

It was continuously interesting, plenty of swimming, numerous small jumps and an entertaining struggle through the cave, which runs underneath the Le Pinacle, one of the most dramatic physical features to be seen around the coast of Jersey.  Also we were able to climb over the German guns, which were thrown over the cliffs at the end of the Second World War, something we had done several weeks previously whilst out kayaking.

The great thing about coasteering along this section of coast is that it takes you to areas, which aren’t really accessible by any other means.  Enabling us to experience parts of the Island most people don’t even know exist.  The whole trip took over 3 hours, which is probably too long for groups but we will be looking at offering shorter sections of the coast as part of our coasteering programme for the summer of 2017.  Contact us for an individually designed programme for your group, whether that’s family, friends or work colleagues.

Approaching Le Pinacle from the south.  An important historical site in north west Jersey

The cave runs from south to north under Le Pinacle

Swimming through one of the numerous narrow gaps along this section of coast.

Scrambling over the German guns under Les Landes.

Looking north, still a long way to go.