Stand Up Paddleboarding

In the last few years the water sport which has seen the most dramatic growth is stand up paddleboarding.  In Jersey this is most obvious in St Brelade’s Bay, the home of Absolute Adventures.  Throughout the summer months we offer daily SUP sessions, under the expert guidance of our qualified and experienced coaches.
During the winter we spend time out on the water, increasing our skills and looking for new challenges.  Little did we realize that we would find such an exciting challenge, so close to our home base.
We paddled out of St Brelade’s to the closest offshore reef, Les Kaines.  These are the rocks which are frequently seen on our daily kayak tours during the summer months.  Landing our boards on the closest rock we proceeded to coasteer along the whole reef.  Swimming and scrambling  along the reef, which we see so often but I am not sure we had ever landed on before.
That is the great thing about St Brelades Bay,  there is such a variety of activities available so close at hand.  As we paddled back into the bay the weak January sun was setting but we felt excited to have been able to something so completely different.
This would be a perfect area for coasteering from kayaks, so if you are interested why not get in touch and look for some dates for the summer of 2017.

Amazing conditions for the beginning of January. Paddling past Beauport.

Janet heading past Beauport, wearing rather more equipment than we would normally.

Climbing to the top of the highest rock in the reef.

Getting ready to swim out to the reefs to the south

After swimming and scrambling along the reef it was back on the boards.

Heading back to St Brelade’s as the January sun set.